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     @Skyway Community, we are intentional in all that we do. Our ministries exist to serve another in love. Explore our ministries and enter our intentional community...

Kid's Ministry

Here on the Island, kids are sure to have a great time!  When your child is on Island time, they will enjoy a time of worship and Bible study as well as enjoy the fun and engaging games.  We understand that the spiritual growth of the child is influenced namely by their parents and family, and our goal is to come alongside families to aid in that spiritual growth.

Teen Ministry

United is a community of 6th-12th grade students figuring out life in an ever-changing world. Our vision is to build up young men and women who are in a relationship with Christ (Saved), who are following Christ (Discipled), and who are serving Christ and community (Equipped).

Women's Ministry

The Intentional Women of Skyway is a community of women devoted to living life in Christ together. It is a community of women using all they are to all of who Christ is.

Men's Ministry

Skyway men are called to be a community of leaders. Leaders in the home through loving service their family. Leaders in the church through faithful service one to another. Leaders to the community by modeling the sacrifice of Christ by meeting the needs of our neighbors. Skyway men seek to lead as we follow Christ.

Volunteer Groups

Being intentional means that we don’t seek to reinvent the proverbial wheel. Having this understanding we believe through community partnership we can have a greater impact. If you are looking to volunteer to serve the needs of the community, we have a place for you.

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